Three Reasons Why Cardio is Right for Everyone

No matter what your fitness goal, whether it’s to gain as much muscle as possible or reduce your weight, you need to include cardio into your diet. In this article, we’ll cover why you should do so, and give you three captivating reasons as to why.

Some think that fitness is all about what’s going on outside the body. You may think that by becoming skinnier, you’re achieving true fitness, and you’ll ignore what’s going on the inside. Many think that they need to lower their weight and look better in order to achieve fitness.

Sure, slimming your waist, thinning your face, and strengthening your legs is great and all, but fitness needs to be more than about what’s outside your body.cardio exercise

Instead, you need to concentrate what’s on the inside. Externally, it will take a bit for your body to see results. Losing weight, gaining muscle, and improving your looks takes time, but the changes inside your body happen much quicker. After someone realizes just how much your body changes on the inside, you’ll know why you should never get discouraged and quit just because you’re not liking your appearance.

So what exactly happens when you work out? Let’s look at cardio. Short for cardiorespiratory exercise, cardio helps to improve your heart and circulation. You know, one of the most important organs your body has. Every day, it pumps blood to keep you going, and one malfunction could kill you. Cardio is any movement that will get your blood pumping, and these include swimming, running, cycling, and anything else that gets your heart pounding.

Technically, your heart is a muscle, and cardio helps to improve it. When you work out, your heart goes faster, and it allows it to train. Your heart can beat around 100,000 times each day, and it pumps thousands of gallons of blood, which goes up when you work out.

So let’s look at the benefits, shall we?

It Lowers Your Resting Heart Rate

Increasing how much blood your heart pumps seems like a bad idea. After all, you don’t want to overwork your ticker, or else it may explode. However, working out your heart can make it pump less in the long run. By working out more, you can improve how easy it is to do your daily tasks, and your heart will have to work less when you’re doing normal activities. Therefore, it helps your heart in that end.

It Helps Lose Weight

Weight loss is a big factor in why many people exercise. Just know that cardio is a great way to do it. Your body requires a lot of energy when it has to work for a long period, and it relies on your fat to give it fuel. If you lower how many calories you consume, your body will use your fat more, and it will burn it away.

It Lowers Stress

So many people try quelling their stress through unhealthy means such as smoking and snacking. However, running is a healthy and more effective way to kill your stress. When you run, you get that high that makes you feel good. This is because the amount of endorphins increases, making you feelgood! Once you run, all your stresses will melt away. You will forget about the annoyances of life and instead concentrate on your workout.

Overall, always make sure that you add plenty of cardio to your routine, no matter what your goal is. You only have one heart, and until artificial heart technology is perfected, you need to keep that baby going as long as you can. Cardio can make sure that it stays healthy for a long time.


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